3 Things You Won’t Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

With the entire world practically at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to get anything you could need or want to be delivered directly to your door. This convenience has even gained popularity in orthodontics with direct-to-consumer, or mail-order, aligners. 

Mail-order aligners significantly lean on the promise of lower prices and the convenience of avoiding trips to the orthodontist for checkups and adjustments. It only makes sense that you’re considering mail-order orthodontic treatment, but you might be surprised to know that most orthodontists and dentists don’t recommend them. Let’s take a look at some of the things you won’t get with mail-order orthodontics and how Designer Smiles By Benton can efficiently give you a simply spectacular smile!

What are Mail-Order Aligners?

Companies offering clear aligners through the mail are basically a form of “online” orthodontics. Instead of visiting an orthodontic office for an exam, each step of the treatment process will typically be handled via their website. It begins by applying to the company of your choice. Once this has been approved, you can either visit one of their local shops or have a kit sent to your home to make a 3-D mold of your teeth. One of their technicians or dentists will then use that mold to create a series of clear aligners for you. These are designed to move your teeth into the desired positions gradually.  

Like standard treatment, the straightening process can take several months to complete. Progress is monitored using photos of your mouth that you provide at regular intervals. While this may seem straightforward, anyone considering these companies should give it a great deal of thought before signing on. There are a number of risks associated with this kind of care and plenty of concerns about the lasting impact it may have on a patient’s oral health. 

You Won’t Get Total Orthodontic Care

Many orthodontic issues lie below the gum line and in the jaw itself, where goopy impressions and cell phone images can’t capture data. These issues can’t be treated with mail-order aligners, which can actually make them worse. With this treatment method, processes like widening your jaw, aligning your bite, and correcting rotations can’t be accomplished as they can with a professional orthodontist.

By meeting with our doctors in person, you’ll know your specific orthodontic concerns ahead of time so that your treatment plan addresses all of those issues. Mail-order aligners won’t help you do that. 

You Won’t Get a Smile Expert 

When you step into our offices to begin your treatment plan, Dr. John and Dr. Barry oversee your entire journey from start to finish. With companies offering mail-order aligners, the orthodontist is nowhere to be found. Essentially, you step in as your own orthodontist. 

Typically, the orthodontic process begins with a trained professional’s initial examination of your teeth. This exam allows the doctor to determine the type of treatment required for alignment and assess the patient’s need for additional dental care before beginning. 

Afterward, you’re usually required to meet regularly with your orthodontist for follow-up meetings every six to eight weeks so your doctor can monitor your progress. These appointments are essential to making sure your teeth are straightened safely and successfully. 

Mail-order orthodontics skip these steps entirely. Placing you at the head of your treatment plan, these companies outsource the direct supervision that is so vital to a virtual appointment with an orthodontist at best and an app at worst. 

You Won’t Get Specialized Care

Orthodontic treatment requires the specialized care of a trained physician to be sure you’re safe. With mail-order orthodontics, you make your own impressions. You choose how long to wear your aligners and when. You decide when to consult your doctor, if ever. 

At Designer Smiles By Benton, we know that every smile is different. From the way your teeth grow naturally to the bite pattern or malocclusion you exhibit, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan – no matter what mail-order orthodontics may tell you! Without Dr. John and Dr. Barry’s direct supervision, your treatment plan cannot adapt to the way your mouth reacts to treatment. Without adjusting, you may cause more damage to your teeth overall. Besides, there are various treatment options, and aligners aren’t designed for every individual’s needs. 

3 Things You Won't Get From Mail-Order Orthodontics

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