Get to Know Your Orthodontists

Ever wondered who’s behind the magical transformation of your smile at Designer Smiles by Benton? At the heart of our practice are Dr. John Benton and Dr. Barry Benton, whose combined expertise and compassion redefine the orthodontic experience. Their unique blend of professional excellence and personal touch sets the stage for unparalleled orthodontic care. Let’s first uncover the captivating story of Dr. John Benton, the pioneer who brings orthodontic dreams to life.

The Professional Path: Dr. John Benton

Leading the expedition of Designer Smiles by Benton is Dr. John Benton, whose orthodontic career is as dynamic and lively as the beaming smiles he brings to life:

  • Educational Mastery: Dr. Benton’s journey in orthodontics began with a solid foundation in Zoology, followed by an illustrious tenure at Louisiana State University, where he earned both his Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree and Certificate in Orthodontics.
  • A Trailblazer in Orthodontics: Not just content with excellence, Dr. Benton became the first in Calhoun County to be a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and introduced the innovative Damon Braces System to the community.
  • Board-Certified Brilliance: His board certification is a testament to his unwavering commitment to providing top-tier orthodontic care.

Next, let’s step into the personal world of Dr. Benton, where his passions and interests add more color to his professional tapestry.

Get to Know Your Orthodontist

Beyond the Office: A Peek into Dr. John Benton’s World

Let’s step away from the clinic and catch a glimpse of Dr. John Benton in his natural habitat:

  • Family Man: Married to Judy, Dr. Benton cherishes family time, whether it’s with his children and grandchildren or enjoying moments with their beloved dog, Roux. 
  • Globetrotting Angler: Dr. Benton’s love for fishing knows no bounds – From the icy waters of Alaska to the mysterious depths of the Amazon River.
    • His fishing expeditions have taken him to exotic locales like Russia, the Bahamas, and Argentina, painting a picture of a man who loves exploring the world’s natural wonders.
    • Closer to home, Dr. Benton relishes the serene beauty of Alabama’s lakes, where he often escapes for, you guessed it, some peaceful fishing!

This glimpse into Dr. Benton’s life outside the office reveals a man deeply connected to the world around him. Coming up, we’ll explore the life of Dr. Barry Benton, a fusion of professional prowess and a dynamic personal life that enriches his orthodontic practice.

Introducing Dr. Barry Benton: A Modern Visionary

In the constellation of orthodontics at Designer Smiles by Benton, Dr. Barry Benton shines as a beacon of modern innovation and heartfelt care. His experience in the world of orthodontics is a testament to both his dedication to the field and his personal touch in patient care.

  • Educational Foundations: Dr. Barry Benton’s academic voyage began at Furman University, where he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Biology. His quest for knowledge then led him to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, culminating in a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry degree.
  • Orthodontic Excellence: Continuing the Benton legacy, he honed his skills at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry, earning his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry. In the summer of 2016, Dr. Barry joined forces with his father at Designer Smiles by Benton, bringing a fresh perspective to the practice.
  • Board-Certified Expert: As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Barry stands out not only for his expertise but also as one of the youngest to achieve Diplomate status on the American Board of Orthodontics.

Moving forward, let’s take a closer look at Dr. Barry’s interests outside the office and how they influence his approach to orthodontics.

Get to Know Your Orthodontist

Offstage with Dr. Barry Benton

Behind every skilled orthodontist is a kaleidoscope of interests and hobbies that enrich their professional life, and Dr. Barry Benton is no exception:

  • Family and Pets: Dr. Barry’s world revolves around his family – his wife, Brittain, and their children: Brooklynn, Olivia, and Harrison. Their home is also filled with the joy of pets, including two cats, Emma and Mr. Whiskers, and a Goldendoodle named Teddy.
  • Passion for the Outdoors: Echoing his father’s love for fishing, Dr. Barry also finds solace and excitement in the great outdoors. His fishing adventures are just one facet of his vibrant life.
  • Tech and Gardening Enthusiast: Dr. Barry combines his love for technology with a green thumb. When not straightening teeth, he might be found tinkering with gadgets or nurturing his vegetable garden.
  • Community Involvement: His commitment extends beyond the clinic, as seen in his role as a volunteer coach for a local high school baseball team, blending his love for sports with community service.

Up ahead, let’s review the unique approach that Designer Smiles by Benton takes in orthodontic care.

The Designer Smiles by Benton Difference

Designer Smiles by Benton stands distinct in the world of orthodontics, merging advanced techniques with a profound dedication to personal patient care. Under the guidance of Dr. John Benton and Dr. Barry Benton, the practice redefines orthodontic treatment, focusing not just on teeth alignment but on each patient’s unique story.

Here, treatment begins with understanding each individual’s needs, offering everything from traditional metal braces to contemporary Invisalign and Spark aligners tailored to suit diverse lifestyles and preferences. It’s an approach that prioritizes comfort and effectiveness, ensuring that every patient receives care that resonates with their personal style.

Get to Know Your Orthodontist

Smile Encore: Your Curtain Call at Designer Smiles

As we bring down the curtain on our orthodontic showcase at Designer Smiles by Benton, it’s important to remember that our approach is a harmonious blend of warmth, individualized attention, and a touch of orthodontic enchantment! Dr. John Benton and Dr. Barry Benton are ready to escort you to a world where your smile is the star of the show. Eager to take the spotlight in your smile story? Reach out for a free consultation and step into our realm of orthodontic wonders. Your path to a show-stopping smile starts here!