New Years Resolution for a Healthy Smile

2023 is on its way and at Designer Smiles by Benton, we are ready for your New Year’s resolutions! Each year we see many new patients at the beginning of the year who are hoping to make this the year that they achieve a smile they can be proud of. The good news is that it’s totally possible! By this time next year, you could be well on your way to a stunning new smile and overall better oral health!

Ready to Get Started On Your New Year’s Resolution?

If you’ve been thinking about orthodontics for a while now, but haven’t been quite ready to take the plunge, what has been holding you back? We’d like to talk through some of the most common hang-ups that keep patients from seeking the smile they want. 

What’s Holding You Back?


We get it, the truth is that orthodontics can be a bit expensive. Since it’s such a specialized field of care, it requires professionals like both Dr. Barry and Dr. John to maintain a high level of expertise and ongoing training, which means higher costs. 

But the great news is that Designer Smiles by Benton also offers payment plans that make sense for you and your family! We have provided care for families of all kinds, and we know that it’s possible, through flexible financing and insurance benefits, to create a plan that is doable and stress-free!


Are you dreading the effort of learning how to care for braces? Or showing up to consistent appointments? There is definitely a learning curve involved when it comes to orthodontic care, but soon it will become second nature.

Whether you opt for braces or Invisalign, along with the support of our staff, your care regime will become a cinch in no time. We offer all the equipment and training you’ll need to take excellent care of your health throughout treatment, and you’ll be thrilled with the results afterward, we promise.


Starting something new is always a little overwhelming. But the reason we love orthodontics as your New Year’s resolution is that you won’t have to learn all the new things on your own. Our office staff in Oxford and Pell City are super supportive and will help you through every step of your treatment. 

Why It’s Worth It

Ultimately, seeing increased confidence and health in our patients is why we keep doing this work. Knowing that straight, beautiful teeth will make our patients feel like a million bucks, and will also help keep their teeth healthy for longer, is totally worth it. 

We think it will be worth it for you, too.

New Years Resolution for a Healthy Smile

Free Consultation to Kick Off the New Year

Are you ready to see results by this time next year? Give us a call to schedule an appointment with Designer Smiles by Benton and see for yourself how great your smile could be in 2023! Our first consultation appointment is completely free, and we look forward to meeting you and dreaming up your new smile. Call the Oxford or Pell City offices today!